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Boat Wheel Wrapping ("Coxcombing")

Coxcombing is a form of decorative knotwork traditionally performed on vessels, by it's sailors. The general purpose of coxcombing is to dress-up items and parts of a ship (wheels, grab handles, railings, bars, etc.). Modern uses of coxcombing are to wrap wheels and tillers to enhance the grip, as well as for the nautical appeal. There are a few different methods that can be used for this process. All of which will make your boat stand out above the rest!


GSlings offers a few different styles of wrapping (coxcombing) and a huge variety of different colors and color combinations. The material used for wrapping is 7 strand 550 paracord (parachute cord). The colors that I carry can be found on the Color Chart page. If you would like a different color that you don't see on the color chart, just contact me. I can get nearly any color that you can think of.


In order to wrap your boat wheel (or any other item), you will be required to ship it to me (or drop off if locally). I have to physically have the item in hand in order to wrap it. This is NOT something that you can simply purchase from me and install yourself. Although this process is very time consuming, my workaround will typically be 1-3 days, depending on my workload and schedule. Once I receive the item I will wrap it and ship it back to you upon completion. If you are a local customer, we can make arrangements for drop off and pick-up / delivery. You will be responsible for all shipping charges, which will clearly be detailed on your bill / invoice.



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