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About GSlings & Paracord

Rifle & Shotgun Slings

The braided portion of GSlings adjustable rifle /  shotgun slings are 20" in length, plus the length of the adjustable nylon webbing. Unless stated otherwise in the item description, most of these slings contain about 50 feet of paracord. Also, most of the slings come with 4 shoulder grips, each containing approximately 4 feet of paracord. The great thing about the shoulder grips is that they can be taken off without effecting the core portion of your gun sling.



Bow Wrist Slings

GSlings bow wrist slings are 22" in total length. The center (larger) portion measures at 6" in length. They are tightly woven so that they hold their shape and easily allow you to slip your wrist through the sling while grabbing your bow. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need rope, you can take your bow wrist sling apart and have about 20 feet of paracord. You can unravel just the center portion, still leaving you with a functional bow wrist sling. Inside each strand of paracord are 7 smaller strands of nylon to give you even more rope if need be.



Yeti Rambler Handles

GSlings Yeti Rambler Handles are a great asset to anyone who owns a Yeti cup! I personally handcraft each Yeti handle, and make sure they are wrapped extremely tight in order to retain their shape. They are not flimsy, and will not bend when you pick up your Yeti cup by the handle. Each Yeti Handle is made up of approximately 9 feet of paracord.




About Paracord

The products on this page are all made from 7-strand 550 Type III paracord (parachute cord)., unless otherwise noted. This particular type was the original paracord used by the US Military. It has a diameter of about 4.5 mm (3/16"). All of the paracord used to make these products are made in the USA.


You can use paracord for just about anything, especially when it comes to outdoor related needs. If you cut the end of a piece of paracord, you will notice the 7 smaller strands of nylon that can be pulled out and used for many different things such as snares, fishing line, etc.



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